Bus Training Price Points

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Basic Package

 This package includes Unlimited Access within your district to 5 video modules and the Behavior Solutions on the Bus Training Manual and participant materials.  The support material can be used by the moderator to present the videos in an interactive way to maximize learning, retention and application. $4995

Enhanced Branding Package

This package includes Unlimited Access for your district to the 5 bus modules included in the Basic Package.  The Enhanced Branding Package also includes a custom animated opening, lower third logo during each video and an opportunity for a custom screen at the conclusion of the video; local contact, special thanks or dedication. $7,500

Premium Personalized Package

This package includes all of the aforementioned materials and branding.  The Premium Package offers a chance to deliver your message during a 90 second-2 minute introduction by your Transportation Director or Superintendent.  We come to you, film the video onsite at the location of your choice and integrate it seamlessly into a premium branded version of the interactive training. $12,000

Onsite Educator  

With any of the packages listed above you can add an educator to lead your programming. These will be conveniently scheduled at the location of your choice so you can learn from a qualified educator with both experience in student behavior and with delivering professional development in education.

The educator is available for FAQ’s, role-play, or to address any specific situations to your district. His or her clear and evidential-based knowledge will be at your fingertips.

The price includes one educator for one day. Additional educators can be arranged to streamline your training or to train large groups. $3,900

Completely Custom Content

For this option, we start from scratch working with you on addressing the specific needs of your district.  We do research, round tables and focus groups to find out what kind of support YOUR teachers need. We write the scripts, schedule the shoot, bring our camera, director, actors and fully realize your vision for professional development using evidence based PBIS as the foundation. We can address anything and everything that is important to you and your educational professionals.   Consult us for a Quote.