Bus Training FAQs

Who are we?  

EMRG stands for Educator Media Resource Group and we are dedicated to serving educators and support staff through engaging, accessible video trainings which utilize PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). This results-oriented, evidence based approach to positive behavioral outcomes is already being used with great success in schools across the country.  We bring this same approach to underserved areas in staffing and support, namely transportation professionals. There are 5 modules covering everything from disruptive students to setting expectations. We look forward to talking with you about how we can serve your district, school, and transportation professionals.

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What does this cost?

EMRG offers three levels of videos, the cost depending on what best suits your needs.  Our basic package will give your district transportation professionals access to the 5 modules and support materials in a setting that you orchestrate.  You provide the moderator. We also tailor these videos with your logo, a personal introduction from your Transportation Director or Superintendent, and on-site video of your location.   This gives the modules a sense of familiarity and consequence. We call it ‘branding’ or ‘personalizing’ the video. Another option is to have an onsite educator and specialist in PBIS answer questions and facilitate your training.  We fully customize our videos, write the scripts, and deal with scenarios tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us for details on more of the customized offerings. To give you an idea of our cost, the basic series of 5 videos is $6000.00  

What makes you different from any videos currently out there?

We are specifically geared to gaining positive behavioral outcomes to make your transportation as safe and pleasant as it can be. We bring to life the educational training for your organization, mission, and professionals. EMRG, with our commitment to cinematic storytelling and evidence-based content is the educational resource company for the job. Providing engaging and thought-provoking content, packaged within a framework of evidence-based instruction,  we utilize PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to craft targeted videos that address real life scenarios in positive ways that offer positive outcomes.

How long have you been around?

EMRG has been offering Educational Resource Videos for 4 years, and we encourage you to check out our testimonials. Each of our partners has over 20 years of experience in their chosen field of expertise.  

How do I get the videos?

You tell us! The easiest way is to send you a Vimeo link for which you’ll be provided a password. From there, you can download your video to any preferred device.  EMRG can also supply a jump drive or a DVD. Any of our delivery options will give your district unlimited access to the trainings and content.

Can I play them over and over again or will I need to re-buy them next year?

If you buy this year, you will have unlimited access.  EMRG is looking forward to offering portals on web-based platforms in the coming year. These will be based on subscriptions and will require yearly renewals.

Do you offer school videos too? Or Cafeteria videos?

Yes, we do! Our first cafeteria staff modules are currently being completed, so simply ask for more information.  Our high quality custom training modules have been in great demand for teachers and administrators. EMRG also has informational materials for classroom trainings, so if you know someone who may be interested, please let us know!

Instead of your basic videos, can you customize something for us?

Absolutely! We’ve worked with the largest school system in Kentucky to provide videos geared to specialized topics with the goals and framework of that specific school system in mind.  We do research and focus groups to find out what kind of support YOUR teachers need. This is how we all succeed.

Can drivers access the videos from home or are these only for presentation to a group?

Currently, these videos are formatted for presentation to a group at a central location with support provided by a moderator.  If you wish, EMRG supplies additional materials and can provide an onsite educator. We expect to be able to offer the videos on a web-based platform to be accessed anywhere the administration feels is appropriate.

Is there a script or materials for a moderator to lead a training?

We can provide whatever you need! At the most basic level, you’ll have video access and documents to outline your training, but you can upgrade to get any kind of support you require.

Can you provide educator support on site?

Yes, we can! The educator is available for FAQ’s, role-play, or to address any specific situations to your district. These will be conveniently scheduled so you can learn from a qualified educator with both experience in student behavior and with delivering professional development in education.  His or her clear and evidential based knowledge will be at your fingertips.  This is an a la carte expense and can be added to any type of media package purchased for your district.