Bus Training


It's a fact…

Student misbehavior is an issue facing everyone who works with kids, it affects teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers and transportation specialists.

"Discipline on school buses is the
biggest problem confronting school bus drivers."
- American Federation of Teachers

We know students who act out will not change misbehavior on their own. They require the positive and consistent involvement of adults to keep them on the right track – and that’s where we can help.

The EMRG transportation professionals’ training is a five-part interactive video series complete with printed discussion points which can be delivered during an initial session at the beginning of the year or, time permitting, over the course of an entire school year and involving peer-to-peer coaching and reflection.  

While the student misbehaviors in our transportation modules were suggested by experienced drivers, we can also work directly with your school system to produce custom content or a series of pre-produced modules covering some of the most common problems faced by your own transportation professionals on and off the road.

Contact Anne Borders for more information on purchasing this comprehensive video series.

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